Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Good Start for Spring Break

Not many people outside of North Carolina are familiar with the Halifax Resolves, but it was an important document, signed on April 12, 1776, which gave the NC delegates the power to join with other delegates in the movement to declare independence from England. Today was the annual celebration of that date. Called "Halifax Market Day", it is a good time of meeting with people, seeing and buying handmade items from local craftsmen, and sampling (pigging out) on homemade Brunswick Stew. So, despite a small crowd due to the Easter weekend and to the threats of rain, I spent the day on King Street displaying and selling my pottery. Actually, the day turned out to be pretty nice, at least in the morning, with a lot of sun and mild temperatures until the afternoon - and turned out to be a profitable one as well, even with the smaller than usual crowd.

The last two weeks have been busy with preparations - preparations for Easter and preparations for Spring Break at school. Therefore, I have not had much time for throwing or for writing. However, I did get back a good amount of pottery from two glaze firings at the studio and was very pleased with the results. The pie birds came out real well and were a hit today along with the usual bowls and the small face jugs I make. Before the day was through, I sold out of pie birds and face jugs! Other items from the firings that I really liked were the tumblers glazed in shino with star blue stripes, the carved pitcher on which I sprayed the tenmoku, and the canister that I call the mushroom-pagoda.

I have the next week off for Spring Break, so I am hoping to have some real quality time at the wheel. There are so many projects I would like to try at the wheel, like trying to start out with 25 pounds of clay to see how hard it would be to center and work, but I want to make sure that I really do have a set block of time to complete a project if I start it. I probably need to create a list of projects and prioritize it. Sounds like another project!

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