Saturday, May 16, 2009

Busy - "cubed"

I can't believe that it has been about three weeks since I have added to the blog! I couldn't figure out how to use a superscript for a three in the title of this edition, so I just had to write out cubed. right now, my whole world is about getting kids ready for their end of the year math tests next week, and the work seems to pile up exponentially as the test date nears.

These are the three pieces I submitted for the exhibition at the North Carolina Pottery Center.
(click on a picture to see it enlarged)

I did take a day off to attend the opening reception of the the Finch Potters exhibition at the Pottery Center in Seagrove on May 7th. It was exciting for me to see my three pieces on display among the other 150 to 200 pieces from the studio. If you are able, I would recommend going to see the exhibit (and maybe even buying some pottery). The exhibit will be there until August 1st, so it would be a great vacation day to visit and visit the area potteries. I enjoyed taking some time to visit a few potters on my way home the day after the reception and especially enjoyed some of the conversations I had with potters while looking at their work. My thanks to Mr. Moore at Moore Pots on Jugtown Road who let me peek inside his groundhog kiln to see how it was constructed.
These plates were made by my friend and teaching
team member, Danny

In the midst of all this busy schedule, I have been able to find a little bit of time to throw some pots and have gotten back some of my work that was fired. I am really trying to get used to the sprayer by trying to use it at least once each week. However, I am still tied to dipping pieces and do not want to lose the skills I have picked up in that more traditional method of glazing. The pieces pictured here are a some of the latest work. I really like the earred jar, but the Blackbird Blue glaze ran so much I ended up having to grind quite a bit off the bottom. Although this testing week is going to be very busy, I am hoping to turn out some work to take in Thursday to bisque. I have been offered the opportunity to place some work in a shop in Louisburg, so I need to build up the inventory again.

Hopefully, I will update this post in at least a week. So, I need to get to work and do something worth spending the time to write and share. Maybe some sgraffito . . . . . .

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