Saturday, July 18, 2009

Red Clay Days

I watched a video this week of Nan Rothwell demonstrating how to make a pitcher in two parts, so I tried it with some of the red clay I had purchased. Although it was not quite as large as Nan's, I think it turned out pretty well and I am pleased with the result. This clay seems to have more grog and is a little rougher to work with, but it is a nice change from the usual Phoenix or Finch#1 I usually use. I also made this jar and two lids to see which one I liked best. Susan and I both agreed that the domed lid was a better look. I will try to come up with something that will benefit artistically by a flat lid so I can use the other.

These two bowls were made by Christie, our youngest son's girlfriend. She wanted to try throwing a pot when she came to visit and these two bowls are her first attempts. When I was working with her, I noticed here really struggling to get her hands in position to work with the turning clay and then it struck me - SHE'S LEFT-HANDED! My wheel does not have a switch (or I haven't found it) to switch from counter-clockwise to clockwise, so she persevered with positioning her hands in a way that I know was awkward for her. She then told me how she wanted them glazed and I took them into the studio to finish. I think they came out really well. Not bad for a lefty using a right-handed wheel.

These other pieces are some I picked up this week. The bowls are part of a special order. The other pieces are just some small pieces that I made with scraps at the end of sessions. I like the little "buttercup vases" and how the fluted bowl turned out. The vases were the idea of a lady in my church who said that she always looked for a tiny vase that she could put the single buttercup or daisy that her kids would bring her when they were growing up.

Only a few weeks until school starts again and I have a lot to do. I want to get the kiln wired so I can start learning how to electric fire. I am way behind in glazing and have about 15 to 20 pieces at the shop waiting for color. And, I am trying to produce enough to be ready for a pretty large festival in the fall, plus a couple of smaller craft days and open-houses. Right now, I think it is time to make lunch!

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