Friday, September 18, 2009


As much as I tell others that glazing and firing is not an exact science, I have to admit that I still have not convinced myself and feel somewhat disappointed when pieces come out of the glaze firing looking differently than I expected. I know the kiln at the studio was really packed this last firing, but it just seemed that I either had not used enough glaze so the colors burned out to clear, or the glazes ran and crawled, leaving some bare spots. I am going to clean up the casseroles and re-glaze them so see if I can get a more uniform cover suitable for using with cooking.

I brought home a small jar on which I had applied gloss white glaze. I am going to try using mason stains and porcelain slip on this before I tackle the four plates I brought home a few weeks ago. They are sitting in my "space" with a nice coat of white glaze, waiting for some handpainted designs.

The Headmaster at the school I am teaching at this year has obtained a display case - about 2 foot by 2 foot by 9 inches tall - and wants me to bring in some of my pottery to display in the main lobby of the school for a while. So, this weekend I will be going through my inventory of items to take in Monday for the case. I'm sure the kids would like seeing a face jug! I brought three new ones home last night from the last firing, any of which would easily fit in the case. I have also offered to donate a large bowl for our eighth grade team's contribution to the Fall Festival Auction in October. We will fill it with all kinds of chocolate and goodies to make it even more appealing.

That's the latest for this week. I am still trying to find the time - and energy! - to fit in some pottery time during the week. I really need to be committed to a specific time each day just to keep my skills from degenerating. It's just hard to stop after a short period of time and get excited about going to grade papers or do lesson plans.

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