Saturday, November 3, 2012

Quite a Year!

It is hard to believe that it has been about a year since I last posted on this blog, but it really has been busy - unfortunately, not "pottery busy" but school busy.We have gone into a new blended learning model at the school and this has created a great deal of extra work getting everything started and going as smoothly as possible.  I am hoping this will settle down soon and I can get more "wheel time" in my shop.

I have been able to get some time in the shop - sporadic and and lean at times - so I do have an inventory to take to the Open House this coming Sunday, November 11th.  If you are in the Bailey, North Carolina area on the 11th, it is definitely worth coming to Finch's.  There will be over 50 potters with their wares, food, live music, and demonstrations.  Come by and say, "Hi!"

Much of what I have done this year has been facejugs.  They continue to sell just about anywhere I go, and I even had a person contact me after seeing this blog and order a facejug through the mail!  Although I shaved my beard, I maintain the look on the facejugs and have added a few cigars into the mix.  I also got on a kick of seeing how small a facejug I could make.  In the pictures you will see the smallest - one by a quarter for comparison and the smallest sitting on a bottle cap.  I haven't fired that one yet - I'm afraid it will get lost in the kiln!

Other than the facejugs, I continue to make functional pieces - especially lidded casseroles and pie plates.  I glaze-fired in my own kiln this summer and it worked great.  I just need to figure out oxidization glazing to try and get it the way I want it to look (like reduction firing).  I also want to mix some glazes for myself and experiment some with that area of the craft.

Everything else is about the same.  Mom is still living with us, the boys are spread all over the eastern US, and Susan continues to pick up stray dogs - we're up to ten now with the addition of a puppy a few weeks ago.  So until next time (hopefully in a couple of weeks instead of a year!), enjoy life, vote on Tuesday if you have not already voted, and come by the Open House on the 11th if you are in this part of North Carolina.


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