Saturday, June 13, 2009

Full Time Potter for Awhile

Well, the school year is over and I have turned in all my lists, books, and keys. I am now officially unemployed, at least for (I hope) a little while. That will give me a chance to work on my pottery for longer periods of time. This week will be spent in organizing my little bit of space so I will have room to dry pieces and get them ready for bisque firing.

I was really pleased with some of the pieces I picked up this week - especially the tall vase/jar. I had experimented with spraying a light coat of Bailey Red glaze over top of a regular shino glaze. My goal was to try to get that rust-looking effect and I think it came out really well. I also had experimented with a stamp I made that had a small trinity knot design. That also came out well and I took the stamp in this week to have it fired into a permanent stamp to add to my small collection.

Another favorite from this firing was the bowl that I dipped in Star Blue - a dark blue glaze with really nice variations. Unfortunately, it also is a glaze that can run fairly easily and I will have to grind some off the bottom of the bowl. However, the bowl itself came out beautifully - it was the first time I had really used this glaze, but will be using it more now.

I have been asked to bring some of my work to a shop in Louisburg and will do so early this week. I hope to take some pictures to share in my next blog. In addition, I am going to contact the manager of Riverside Mill in Weldon and try to put some of my work there on commission. It is a really neat warehouse that has been restored for selling handmade art and antiques. There are a number of potters selling their work there, but I think if I put in some of my more unique items, like the face jugs, I will not be so much competing as providing something different.

Now that I have more time, I hope to keep this updated more frequently - if not, maybe it means I have found another job. Time will tell.

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