Thursday, June 25, 2009

Riverside Mill in Weldon, NC

I had meant to post sooner this week with some pictures from Riverside Mill in Weldon, NC. I now have some of my work being shown and for sale at Riverside and hope that this, along with American Pie, will generate a little income (or a lot of income!). I found a kiln for sale on Craig's List and went up to Halifax, Virginia, last Friday to look at it - ended up buying it! So, now I need to sell some pottery to help pay for it. More on the kiln after it is delivered on July 2nd. This week was filled with job interviews and preparing for interviews, so I still didn't have the time I wanted to throw pottery. However, I spent a good day at the wheel and worked on a special order for matching bowls.

Anyway, back to Riverside Mill. Riverside is an old warehouse that was bought and has been restored specifically for selling antiques and handcrafted items. There are billboards on Interstate 95 pointing the way and it is really starting to draw traffic off the highway. If you are ever in the Roanoke Rapids/Weldon area of North Carolina - especially if you are traveling on 95 around North Carolina milepost 173, take a quick excursion to Riverside Mill and check it out. There are some pretty neat things there that you won't see in most other places.

The Main Craft Gallery

The Painting Gallery

There's just something about an
8' tall metal sculptured moose!

If you are in the Louisburg area tomorrow evening (Friday), American Pie is having it's grand opening celebration with food and live music. So you might want to check that out as well.

Tonight is pottery night for me at Dan Finch's, so I need to pack up my gear and get ready. One last picture, though. My lastest little face jug reminds me of Howard on the old Andy Griffith show. Maybe I will try to make the next one look like Barney!

More after the American Pie opening and after I see what came out of the glaze kiln this week!

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