Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Firing Update - Jugs and Bowls

Just a quick post to display some of the ware I picked up last Thursday. I was very pleased with the results of some of the glazing. I sprayed most of the pieces because of time and have to admit that the sprayed pieces did much better with some of the more "finicky" glazes. The bowl with the turquoise outside and iron yellow inside is one of my favorites. I like how the green fades to the bottom of the bowl. I am also pleased with the results of the star blue glaze on the inside of another carved bowl.

The army of "jug-heads" is growing. I have really worked at increasing my inventory of face jugs so that I will have plenty for the upcoming shows. Also, Riverside Mill has shown more interest in these pieces and feel that they can sell all I bring to them. So, my challenge now is to try to make all the faces look a little different!

I have also tried to add some smaller pieces each week to add a wider range of function and price to my inventory. Bud vases always seem popular, especially in the spring when flowers begin blooming in earnest.

I found an article on making juicers and thought I would try making a few. I have been very pleased with the results - I really like how the turquoise juicer turned out. There is something about the depth of this green glaze that just really appeals to me. Another example of this glaze is on the simple cylinder vase I made at the request of a friend. She likes how the band of iron oxide stained clay compliments/is complimented by the deep green color of the turquoise.

This Thursday, if the glaze kiln was fired, I should be able to pick up about seven more face jugs and hope to get a chance to glaze a cake pedestal, along with (you guessed it) more face jugs. I am taking in a couple more jugs, a couple bowls, and a half dozen tea bowls.

As the weather begins to warm up, and now that we have more daylight on the evening-side of the day, I hope to be able to get things set up at the new house. I am really looking forward to setting up the kiln and trying some cone 6 glazing.
More later.

"Voltron" - one of the original "straycats" from Virginia.

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