Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Think We Went Straight To Summer!

The beginnings of a Cat Mug for Justin

In this part of North Carolina, we went from near freezing temperatures and flurries to warm weather to HOT in a matter of about two weeks! Quite a change to adjust to, but a welcome change since I am now on Spring Break! I know it is spring because everything is yellow with pollen - in fact, I have never seen such pollen. The picture of the car is from today. I had just washed all the pollen off yesterday before going in to Roanoke Rapids! I also know it is spring because of everything blooming ( and reminding me that I need to get in a garden if I am hoping to have fresh vegetables this year). I especially like the bleeding hearts that Susan has in her garden.

Rice Bowls and Mugs

Since my last post, I have been working hard at increasing my inventory of ware for some upcoming festivals. My goal has been to not only have a variety of pieces, but to also have them in quantity so that everything is not "one of a kind" on my shelves. This has been good for me in that it has given me the experience of making the same piece over and over, which has honed some skills and helped me with becoming quicker in making pieces. In some ways this has been an exercise in endurance because I get really bored with making the same thing and usually stop after about three or four. I still get "itching" to do something new, but can now make it to about eight or ten pieces of the same kind before giving in to something new. This week I have been working on rice bowls and mugs so far. Last week was face jugs and tea bowls. I think I am going to finish out this week with a few casseroles and some goblets of different styles and sizes.

I brought home three boxes of ware last Thursday, mostly tea bowls, bowls, and platters. I need to start moving things out to my new shop. Every shelf or cabinet top is full of pieces waiting
for the shows in May. Susan is starting to make comments that everything is looking cluttered and I even lost one piece to Voltron (the fat yellow cat) knocking it off a buffet as he tried to meander through the pieces like a much younger and flexible feline.
Coming up, the Heart of Virginia Festival in Farmville on May 1st and the Roanoke Rapids Street Festival on May 8th. More on those later.

I hope all had a happy and meaningful Easter and are enjoying the change in seasons.

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