Saturday, March 26, 2011

Back Again! Time is moving fast these days.

Sometimes it seems like no time has passed since I last logged on to post, but I can see from the date of the last post that I have been pretty slack in keeping the blog alive!  Things are picking up all around, so I really haven’t even been on the computer much except for at work.  When I logged in to my personal email yesterday, there were 62 messages waiting!  I really need to get better organized.
I have been keeping up with my pottery and Thursday nights are something I look forward to each week so I can get in Finch’s studio and glaze.  My inventory is growing as I prepare for upcoming shows.  In April, Danny Hinnant and I are being featured in the Halifax County Arts Council "Sip and See" evening.  We will be showing and selling our work at an evening program.  In May, I will again be in Farmville, Virginia, for the Heart of Virginia Festival.  And, I am still trying to decide on whether to register for a larger show in July.  Even though I have a good amount of ware right now, now knowing what I will sell before July and being able to keep enough to last for a three day festival is somewhat of a concern.  I have to decide within the next week in order to meet the application deadline.
Easter egg look - Pre-fired
After glaze-firing

The pictures in this post of some of the more recent pieces I have made.  I am really pleased with the vase and casserole that I just got back this week.  I had used mason stains mixed with clay slip to make a “paint” that I applied while the pieces were still wet on the wheel.  This allowed the slip to dry with the clay body for a permanent bond.  After the pieces were bisque-fired, all I had to do was spray a clear/transparent glaze and the designs would show through.  The before pictures show the bright colors of the stain-slip.  The vase looked like an Easter egg with the bright blue and blackberry stains.  I oversprayed with a light blue glaze.  I really did not know how it would look after the glaze-firing, but was really pleased when the colors toned down to blues and greens!  I am definitely going to work more with this medium.

Lots of face jugs, smaller pieces that will sell, and casseroles – functional pieces for cooking.  I have been getting more people coming to me for pieces and today talked with a friend who is looking for Celtic design pieces for a series of Celtic festivals this summer.  So, things are plenty busy and opportunities for sales seem good.  Maybe I could retire and become a full-time potter sooner than I think!
Josie - looking tired

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