Saturday, February 5, 2011

Buckling Down

It has been a rainy day in eastern North Carolina - a good time to search out information about summer festivals and plan for shows.  Right now, I am considering a couple of big shows and already have a couple smaller things in the works.  But, this means that I have to have a pretty healthy inventory of pots, so I have been trying to buckle down and be more intentional about working throughout the week.  The picture at the top of this post is from the last two firings.  Not bad considering I have been fighting a cold and congestion for the last two weeks (I really need to get some decent heat in the shop)!  When it is freezing or below outside, my shop stays at 60 degrees or below - and the hot water I bring out cools down within about 45 minutes.

I was going to call this post "Super Bowl" because I finally got back the bowl I made at New Year's with the date 2011 in large numerals.  This the second piece in a two year tradition!  You can see it in the middle of all the pots.  I had never centered 15 pounds of clay before, but did for this bowl.

Face Jugs and Salsa Bowls
French Butter Dishes
To get ready for these shows, I have composed a list of pottery I feel I need to have on the shelves and have been working through the list.  The face jugs are an obvious item, as well as bowls and vases.  I have started on some French butter dishes and a series of jars in a variety of shapes for scented oil and diffusers.  Another item I have been working on is a small bowl for salsa or sauces.  It seems like there are more and more people who like to use side dishes because they do not like their foods mixing together.  I started with a set of four bowls for the house and at first Susan wanted to know what they were for.  Now, she uses them all the time for quick ice cream snacks, peanuts, or other small snacks.  So, I am making more.

Jars for oil and diffusers
Small Carved Bowl

Next post, I will have information about the "Sip and See" that Danny Hinnant and I are doing for the Halifax County Arts Council in April.  I was also interviewed and photographed by the North Carolina Folklife Institute for an online article on traditional crafts in Halifax and Warren counties.  I may have some information on that by the next post as well.

Jug Pitchers

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Antique Jars said...

I love those face jugs! They must have been difficult to create! You're so talented!