Friday, June 24, 2011

Lots of Pictures

Fuschia finally blooming
 I have a few minutes before leaving to go up to Virginia and start the process of moving Mom down to live with Susan and me.  She is worried that she will be in our way - I just hope she can handle all the critters in this household!  I know Bear is looking forward to her being here - he took an instant liking to her and rarely leaves her side when she is here.
School is out, summer school is going full swing, things are in place to prepare for next year, and IT IS HOT!  I have spent some time working on my pottery - trying different things and working on throwing larger pieces.  The June 2nd Saturday in Edenton was not the best - only two sales, but good sales.  I did tell them I would be back in July.  The problem seems to be that North Carolina does not have money in budget this year to promote the 2nd Saturdays program.  Too bad - it really is a neat way to showcase arts and crafts in the state.  I urge everyone who is interested in arts and traditional crafts to go to any of the state historical sites on the 2nd Saturday of July and see demonstrations and talk with the artists.

 Since I am in such a hurry, I am just going to post pictures of some of my latest work.  I like jars and pots with lids and have been working on perfecting that part of the craft.  Also the different glazing methods.  Enjoy!

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