Monday, January 18, 2010

New Year - New Plans

This year has started off with some changes. Susan and I have signed all the papers to go deeper in debt and have closed on a 100-year old farm house! For me, this means a real place for my pottery studio. I figured I would show the before pictures now of where I am going to initially set up - once I move out the present tenant (a snake that must have eaten a poisoned mouse). I hope to show the metamorphosis as it happens in each blog post. My big goal is to find a place to set up my kiln and start firing some at home, experimenting with cone 6 glazes.

I finally got up the nerve to glaze my plates with the cave art designs and am really pleased with the results. The plates have drawn "oohs and ahs" from most who have seen them up close, especially the deer/elk drawing. I glazed another shallow dish last Thursday with the horse design and plan to do more dishes in this line in the future.

The weather was so cold over Christmas break that I was not able to work much at my wheel - something that I hope to remedy with the new space at the farmhouse. However, I am determined to produce more this year so I can do more craft shows. I spent some of today investigating arts and crafts shows in the North Carolina and Virginia areas that are already scheduled for 2010 and will start the process of filling out applications and planning out my year (weekends).

Finally, a shot of one of the real "straydogs" - Bear is our 90 pound Akita who loves to dress up. So, he looks forward to when the boys come home for a visit because he gets so much attention. This picture of Bear sporting gym shorts and a hooded dog coat that is much too small for him is from Thanksgiving. You just can't help but love this dog!

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