Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It Took Awhile, But I'm Back!

Table of Pottery
It has been a month since my last post - a very busy month. As I write this, my students have just finished their third End of Grade (EOG) test, which end weeks of extensive review.

I had a vFace Jugery successful weekend of selling at the Heart of Virginia Festival in Farmville, Virginia, on May 1st - sold over 50 pieces. Last weekend, I spent Saturday making pottery on the sidewalk in Roanoke Rapids in front of the Halifax County Arts Council building. It was so hot, some of the pots were almost leather hard before I took them off the wheel! However, it was enjoyable talking with people and sharing about making pottery. Danny, my pottery buddy, was doing some hand building out on the sidewalk as well. Susan took some pictures, but I haven't gotPottery on Shelvesten them from her camera, yet. I will try to put some of them on future posts.

I applied and was accepted into the Second Saturdays program sponsored by the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources. June, I will be in Historic Halifax; July will find me in Edenton; I am not sure where I will be in August. But, I am looking forward to the opportunity to demonstrate and possibly sell some work. Most of what I sold in Farmville was the bigger Pottery Tentpieces, so now I am working to replace them in my inventory. I have about 100 pieces of pottery ready to sell, so I think I am set until the first Second Saturday (that sounded strange) in Halifax. By that time, I should also have some new platters and larger bowls ready.

I have moved my wheel and most of my tools to the "new" house - that has been really nice so far, other than the multitude of bugs drawn to the lights at night. I have learned to keep Clay Wheelthe outside door closed and have secured a screen door that may end up being installed soon.

My larger immediate goal is to hook up the kiln I bought. Before I do that, however, I need to enclose an area next to the new shop and make it weatherproof. More on that later...

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