Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all of you out there who are fathers or act as fathers to those who need guidance. My Dad passed away 23 years ago this August and I still miss him.

My Son's WeddingA lot has happened since May 11th when I last posted on this blog. My youngest son got married, my middle son got a job at Florida State University, my first year at the charter school ended, I participated in North Carolina's Second Saturday program at Historic Halifax this month, and my computer crashed! Only 10 days out of school and I feel the summer has already been busy and is now "picking up speed" for an even busier next couple of weeks. Before things get too much more overwhelming, I just wanted to share some things about the last month.

I enjoyed the Second Saturdays program, even though it was not very well attended at Historic Halifax. This is a statewideHalifax Second Saturdays Antiques Table program being put on by the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources. Craftspeople from all over the state have been invited to demonstrate their talents and sell their goods at historical sites each month. I chose Halifax in June because it was here in my county and enjoyedHalifax Second Saturdays Craft Table being with other local craftspeople. Next month, I will be at Edenton on the 10th and then at Somerset Place in Creswell in August. Any of you in North Carolina, look for possible Second Saturday programs in your area at local state historic sites.

I have been trying sHalifax Second Saturdays Pensome different things in pottery this month. First, I am making more items for me - something I have not been doing since I think about selling what I make. In particular, this latest firing produced a nice large "chip and dip" platter and a set of Clay Mug in Progresscoffee mugs for my oldest son. I have also tried to do a little sgraffito and was very pleased with the first result - a green jar with fish etched into the sides. I think I am going to try to do more - not only with etching in designs, but in making more use of slips tinted with mason stains to produce more controlled and complex color schemes. I am also working on more large pieces. I have what will be a tea urn ready for the first firing except that I need to cut a hole in the side for a spigot. The only problem is that I cannot find the spigot I want to use!

Green Jar with Fish Etching Pre-FiredGreen Jar with Fish Etching Post-Fired
Hopefully, I will update this blog in the next week or so. Once I lost my computer, I also lost all my pictures for the last year and that slowed me down. I am now working off an old desktop computer and think I have things settled down to at least be able to blog.

Come see me in Edenton if you are near on July 10th. Go to for details of Second Saturdays programs in the state.

Blue Chip and Dip

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