Friday, July 16, 2010

Changes, changes, and more changes

View From the Top of the Sears Tower in Cicago
Well, I am no longer a classroom teacher - I am once again a high school principal. The push is on to make the final move into our farmhouse. I drove to Chicago and back. I have been to Seagrove. My laptop crashed. My digital camera locked up and fell apart. And, this has all happened within the last month!  (The picture to the left is my feet as I stood on the Plexiglas floor over 100 stories above Chicago.  The picture below is of "The Bean" in Millennium Park in Chicago.  I am the little figure right in the middle taking this picture.) 
The Bean in ChicagoI think the principal promotion is a good move. I am ready to move into the house (to be closer to my shop). I have recovered from my trips. My laptop is running again, thanks to Dan Hux, our tech person at school. (If you are in the market for an adirondack chair, check out his page at And, the price of digital cameras has come down so much since I last bought a camera, I will be able to get a better camera for less money! Isn't life exciting? 

Sun Yellow Casserole DishLately, I have been working on re-stocking my inventory for fall shows. I participated in the July "2nd Saturday" program in North Carolina - this time in Edenton - and did very well. So, now I need to work harder to have enough for the last "2nd Saturday" program in August. I will be at Somersett Plantation in Creswell, North Carolina for that one. I also made a contact for a show in September, which will require more pieces to be ready. I'm thinking smaller functional pieces like apple bakers, bowls, and mugs.

Despite my weak attempts to be more consistent in my posts, AND the fact that I am now going to be busier than ever with everything happening in my life right now, I still am bound and determined to add to this blog more regularly. A camera will help!

Violet Interaction of Ash and Star Blue

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jovile said...

I like the glaze of your blue bowl. And nice to see some ceramists not afraid of computer, and writing blogs :)