Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Three Weeks to First Day of Classes

It is hard to believe that school starts in three weeks!  By that, I mean that school starts for the students . . . my vacation ended when I accepted the role of principal.  So, now I am adjusting to new duties and a new set of colleagues that I will be working with this year.  Exciting times.

Pottery-wise, I am somewhat behind this week due to a screwed up back.  I can't figure out what happened unless it was from leaning into the engine compartment of one of the cars and pulling on an air-conditioner drain tube - must have pulled a muscle in the process.  Anyway, that put me out of commission for the weekend and last night I couldn't stand it anymore and worked at the wheel for about three hours.  It wasn't exactly comfortable, but I managed to get started on some mugs for a show in September and I am still alive to talk about it!

The pictures are from my last glaze firing.  I really liked the way the urn turned out with the Shino glaze.  Shino is one of my favorite glazes and this batch has a lot of orange/red tones in it.  The canisters were partly experiment, partly designed, to go in our new kitchen.  I wanted something to keep coffee and tea bags in that could sit on the counter.  The tumblers are pretty good size - will probably hold a complete can of drink with ice.

Time to pull some turtle molds made out of sculpey from the oven and head over to the shop to finish last night's mugs.  I will have a booth at the Indian Summer Festival in Hertford in September and wanted to have some "turtle-ware" available.  One of the highlights of the day at the festival will be the crowning of the Turtle Princess and the Turtle Queen!  More on that later.

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