Sunday, August 29, 2010

Biggest Enrollment Ever!

Josie - the original "Poster Dog" for Straydog Pottery
Our school year has started and Rocky Mount Prep, a charter school, has begun with the largest enrollment in its 14 years.  As of Monday, we will have over 1000 students, grades K through 12 in our school.  For me, the neat thing has been that everyone in the high school, where I am the new principal, seem HAPPY!  A great way to start the year.

Because of the busy start of school, I have not had as much time to work on pottery (or to blog), but I am trying to keep things going.  A week from this Saturday, on the 11th, I will be at the Indian Summer Festival in Hertford, North Carolina.  I am about "turtled-out" but think I have enough to make a good showing.  I am working now on larger pieces, especially since Dan Finch officially announced that we will be doing a wood burn at the end of September.  Last week, I was only able to make three pieces.  However, one of the pieces was a large lidded urn made of three separate pieces joined to make about a 20 to 22 inch tall jar.  Last night, I started another large jar which is destined for the wood kiln.  Both have large "shoulders" to collect ash.
Other events that are coming up are the Finch Potters exhibition in Wilson, North Carolina, in the month of October, the Robin Hopper workshop at Finch Pottery the first weekend in November, and the annual open house at the Finch studio the second Sunday in November. I will try to have more information posted in a timely fashion so all those interested can participate.

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