Sunday, November 7, 2010

Meeting Robin Hopper

Robbin Hopper & Me during the morning break
I just had a great weekend at Finch Pottery attending a workshop with Robin Hopper.  Besides watching him work and talk about his craft and his life, it was a chance to meet new potters and just enjoy a time fully absorbed in pottery.  I picked up a lot of tips just from watching him work, but one of the most important things for me was seeing him do things with techniques that I had already figured out and have been trying to master.  I was very validating.  Maybe in another 50 years, I will be able to throw pots like Robin.  Hmmmm....I will be 107 - maybe not!

Another thing that really appealed to me and is something I need to develop more fully is the final decorating of the pieces.  I have tried some, with success, like the cave art plates.  However, I really want to do more and watching him paint beautiful lines and designs on about 9 or 10 pieces in 40 minutes was truly inspiring.  For more information on Robin Hopper, check out his web page at  He and his wife do some amazing work.

Anyway, I came home fired up to do more and determined to get things set so I can finally get my kiln wired and working.  A week from today is the annual Finch Open House, so that is where all my energy will go this week.  Luckily, I have Thursday off for Veteran's Day and can spend some of that day organizing my pots to take to set up on Saturday.  If you are in the Bailey, NC, area on Sunday, come to the pottery.  There will be about 60 potters selling just anything you could want in the way of pottery - a great time to pick up some unique pieces for Christmas presents.

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