Friday, January 14, 2011

Another New Year

The Packhouse
 In the month since my last post, we have had two snow storms (one of them major), an ice storm, and record setting cold temperatures.  It has made working in my little shop a challenge.  I have a small oil filled radiator that keeps the chill down to tolerable and take a jug of hot water out to use when I throw pots, but the water cools off within an hour and heater can't keep my toes from going numb with cold!  I really would like to install a solar collector to generate some heat, but I need to figure some way to store the heat out there that doesn't take up too much space.

Toisnot Tea Bowl
Dan Finch made each of us in the studio a tea bowl with his new blend of native and his commercial recipe clay that he calls Toisnot pottery. It has a really nice rugged texture and natural look.  It is definitely a centerpiece in my growing collection and one that I prize.

Christmas was wonderful.  All three boys and their partners were here, enjoying food, company, snow, and even lack of electricity.  Watching all of them play in the foot of snow brought back memories of the past and their heavily endowed snow woman lasted quite a while after the rest of the snow disappeared.

Over the holidays, I did not throw a single pot for almost three weeks - partly because of the cold and partly because of being busy.  I did manage to get a few things done right before the holidays.  The face jug is sort of a self-portrait.  I haven't shaved in 7 months, so the beard is getting pretty long.  That meant that a tall jug was in order.  The cat jug was at Susan's request.  She really thinks a whole line of animal jugs would be popular. The lidded jar was one I threw for a friend to use as a Christmas gift.  I have been trying to master using Willie Helix glaze - a warm, but somewhat finicky green glaze.  I thought it came out well on the jar.  Since the New Year, I have spent many evenings in the shop as I begin to rebuild my inventory.  I am hoping to do a large three-day show this summer, so I need to have plenty of pots to take.  And there's the Sip-&-See in April, and maybe a spring open house . . .the New Year is filling up fast!
Reindeer Bear

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